As the average age of tax accountants surpasses 60 and the industry matures or declines, envisioning the future becomes crucial. Before initiating transformation, we must distinguish between unchanging core values and necessary shifts. Preserving trust, integrity, and quality service remains paramount. Simultaneously, adopting innovation and modernization is vital for relevance. At Tokyo Consulting Group, we lead this transformative journey, blending expertise with cutting-edge technology. Embracing data analytics, automation, and a dynamic workforce, we reimagine the future of tax accounting. Join us in shaping a bright future for our clients and the industry.


Reason for Existence, Philosophy
“Things that must not be changed”
At Tokyo Consulting Group, we prioritize nurturing human resources for a brighter future. Empowering our team through mentorship, skill development, and innovation, we drive success while making a positive impact on society. Our unwavering commitment to this mission is the heart of our long-term vision and management philosophy, ensuring lasting relevance and shared success for all. Together, let's shape a better tomorrow through the power of human potential.
Vision & Strategy
“Things that must not be changed
In today's dynamic business landscape, adapting to current trends and seizing opportunities is crucial for growth. However, blindly following fleeting trends can hinder long-term progress. At Tokyo Consulting Group, we strike a balance between embracing change and maintaining a clear long-term vision. By formulating robust strategies, we ensure sustainable growth while staying attuned to the evolving environment. Let's chart a path to lasting success together.
How Far Should the Company Grow?
The 'appropriate size' of a company is tied to its growth and societal contribution. While maximizing profits is crucial in microeconomics, a socially-driven company has no defined level of contribution. As a manager, my goal is to steer the company towards fulfilling its social mission, even if it involves taking risks. Larger companies may seem stable, but they become less flexible in responding to changes, increasing the risk of bankruptcy. As a responsible manager, I embrace the challenge of making a greater societal impact.
Tokyo Consulting Group Strategy
❝Following the trend of "borderless", we will continue to develop our business as an "international accounting firm from Japan" with an eye on the next 30 years.



Project starts fall but small spots of hope indicate green shoots of recovery are there.