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  • Our consulting firm specializes in providing legal and secretarial support to multinational companies. Our services include - Compliance Support, Corporate Governance, Document Preparation, Secretarial Services, corporate laws, contract laws, labor laws, intellectual property laws, and compliance with local laws and regulations.


    Business in Japan

    Maximize the growth prospects of your business in Japan with our all-inclusive and tailored support services. We offer a wide range of expertise, covering vital areas such as market research, regulatory compliance, local representation, and cultural integration. Our team of seasoned professionals will diligently assist you at every stage, ensuring a smooth entry and a thriving presence in the dynamic Japanese market.

    Our Philosophy: Contributing to Society, Driving Growth

    ❝ What we GIVE is

        What we GET

    At Tokyo Consulting Group, we are guided by a powerful philosophy: making a positive impact on society. We firmly believe that our philosophy represents the ultimate goal for every company. Our focus lies in developing human resources to fulfill this purpose. While our management principles and philosophies are adaptable to changing times, our unwavering commitment to contributing to society remains steadfast. We continuously evolve our vision, strategies, and tactics to stay ahead while remaining true to our core values. We evaluate the progress of our company based on more than just profits; we also prioritize our ability to fulfill our social mission. As responsible corporate citizens, we strive to find a harmonious balance between our growth goals and our responsibilities to society. We invite you to join us on this journey as we collaborate towards creating a brighter future for everyone.
    About Yasunari Kuno

    Yasunari Kuno is a seasoned business professional with over two decades of experience. He is respected for his leadership skills, strategic vision, and driving growth. Yasunari Kuno, the chairman and founder of TCF and TCG, has established himself as a successful author in the fields of business and personal development. Drawing from his extensive experience, he shares valuable insights and expertise in his writings.

    Yasunari Kuno is also a well-respected leader known for his innovative problem-solving and passion for driving businesses into success. He empowers individuals to reach their full potential, fostering growth and excellence in the process. With his visionary ideas and strategic approach, he inspires positive transformations, enabling companies and individuals to thrive.


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